5-second rule before walking your dog

With it being summer, no escape from the heat, walks for our companions-with-paws is still a must for exercise and stimulation.

We came across this rule.  On research, seems that Moon Valley Canine Training, Sonoma, California have the accolades for promoting this rule aka the five second rule!

And…what is this five second rule?  Well, consider your friend with paws before walking and simply place the back of your hand on the ground.  If you cannot hold your hand on the ground for five seconds, it is too hot to walk your dog!   Too hot means being uncomfortable for your puppy’s paws, or worse the ground might burn their paws  Instead, consider choosing to save your puppy’s paws by sharing quality time with your forever-four-legged-fur-friend in a cool spot, and be sure to offer plenty of water,

Moon Valley Canine Training, Sonoma, California market this rule for the young dogs, as the young dogs are susceptible to damaged paw pads. Moon Valley Canine Training say that puppies have a tender, less protective layering on their paws to keep the heat at bay. Moon Valley Canine Training also ask that you consider heat exhaustion and try to stick to the shaded areas and on the grass.  They also suggest to wet your puppies thoroughly with cool water (especially their chest and tummy – do not use icy or refrigerated water).

Buszzfeed.com. say:  If your dog shows signs like rapid panting, bright red tongue, red or pale gums, thick/sticky saliva, depression, weakness/lethargy, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, or shock /coma) take them to your nearest vet immediately.

Images courtesy of flickrhivemind.net and canine corner.ca

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