Australian Taxation Office Warns be Wary of Tax Scams


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO)  is reminding people to be vigilant around tax time, when the scammers may be active.

Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson says that while Australians have been generally good at catching out scams, 48,084 scams were still reported to the ATO between July and October last year.  In total, $1.5 billion has been lost to frauds, and about 25,000 people have handed over personal information since October.

Ms Anderson warns that people should be wary of emails, phone calls and SMS during tax time that claim to be from the ATO, even if it seems legitimate.  A scammer may be very convincing they may project a real ATO phone number into their caller ID, or use the ATO logo on their website.

The Australian Tax Office offers these tips to avoid “tax time traps:”

  • If someone asks you for your bank account or personal details, or demands money, refunds or free gifts, be cautious.
  • Only share personal information with people you trust and organisations with a legitimate need for it.
  • Keep mobile devices and computers secure by changing your passwords regularly, keep your anti-virus, malware, and spyware protection software up dated and don’t click on suspicious links.
  • Don’t reply to any SMS or email with your personal or financial information.
  • Avoid requests in emails or SMS requesting you to click on a link to log onto government or banking digital services.

ATO urges consumers to visit their website for more information on scams and approved payment methods so that scams are easier to spot.

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